Gundy gets best committed class ever according to 247Sports

A Look at Oklahoma State Commits (

I’m wondering if any de-committed TCU recruits are leaning towards Cowboys?

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Watching the Houston vs Memphis game tonight. Saw a kid make a one handed grab for Memphis by the name of Dykes. Yep, I looked him up and he is the nephew of Hart Lee Dykes, and his dad played for the Sooners. I wonder if Gundy offered him out of high school. He is playing tight end and comes out of Houston.

Sean Dykes - 2021 - Football - University of Memphis Athletics (

There was a great article just out from heartland. It talk about gundy haters.

Wouldn’t have used him he’s a TE.

Nice one logan. U guys and dead horses.
Gundy has used te in the past. We would have used woods more since logan has been injured as with the other receivers.

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He was a two star wr coming out of high school.