Gundy haters

All coaches have haters. Winning usually quiets haters.

We still have some that just want him gone.
6months ago u ask these haters what do they want.
It was like the lil girl singing the song " all I want for Christmas "
Let’s go through their lists of wants
Jug is usually crying about 4th place and bedlam
Joey title game big six bowl
Jeff recruiting.
Now they are more like Steve Martin on the jerk. I want this and this.
We can see now they just want him gone.
After gundy gave them everything on their list, they move the bar.

The bedlam win bring gundy back up to the schools average. He even spotted riley 9 pts, still out coached him. Beat ou when favored. But, since ou was down( 10 and top 15 team) the title game wasn’t the as meaningful.
Since notta lame has 2 players out the Fiesta bowl is not meaningful. A safety who already missed 6 games. A marginal late round rb who doesn’t want to weaken his spot by running for 30 yards.
Jeff wanted 5 to 8 4 stars how was 6 plus 2 more non composite 4 stars.
Stole 2 recruits from ou. Both 4 stars from oklahoma

Tcu fired their long term coach they have 9 recruits.
Yes they will go fishing in the portal. But with another bad recruiting year.
Tech a lil better but does as good as before.

Players hate gundy. That’s why they are not leaving like for Campbell. NFL draft and portal has wiped alot of talent off their charts.Jug. players hate gundy so much that’s why there staying so we dnt have 25 scholarships

I’m happy u guys are hurting. At this point I’m not saying we will go to the title game until we see who leaves but a definite 4th jug.

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I think I agree with you, but I need to get this translated to make sure.


1 conference title in 17 years.

There is jug so now it’s one title which is still more then we have had in 70 years. This year did more the the 75 team they actually won the conference outright again under gundy.
I would like to know have u changed anyone’s mind with this picture.

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Keep posting this pic, maybe someone will find it clever or funny eventually. Nice crop job on your photo BTW, boomer.


So know the haters think r players leave to go win championship. Here are some places are rejects have landed. Tulane wazzu and Virginia are latest Nebraska
None of these schools are winning alot let alone going trophy case hunting.
It’s a narrative the haters want to happen. Only woods has improved his stock. Let’s turn that around. Have transfer come to osu and increased their stock.
Not all but none have hurt their stock.
Danny got h. mention was all conf in the Mac
Sills did make 1st but was 2nd time twice.
Warren never had a 1000 yard season
Martin first team and a 1000 yards.
Holmes big 12
Woods did hurt the most because we had some many injuries and the juco kid did pan out we had to work with freshman but his blocking would have caused the same problems. Did woods make all acc he did make all big 12.

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I think we can have more tact than referring to them as rejects . These young men didn’t detract from the teams goal or ever put us in a bad light . They’re choosing to move on and all the best to them . I would take any of them
Back if they could prove they wanted it .

Gundy did a lot to quiet the nay sayers this year and looks to be carrying that momentum . Hope we have a strong bowl showing to sway a few transfers over here too.


I hope u weren’t thinking I was calling them rejects.
The haters do.
Joey said they leave to be on championship teams. I was pointing out they dnt.



Yeah I don’t think anyone called Jelani Woods a reject. Everyone was clamoring to use him like he should’ve been and how Virginia did use him.

I do think it was best for him. We would not have used him like Virginia. Virginia threw the ball 60 times a game.
But, I know he would have been used more this year.
It still was gundy that developed thevex qb to te.

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Joey has act like we have had a drain of great players leaving us. Even with woods and if lose the dt we still are well on the plus side. Unlike Jeff thinks 90 % of the players hate gundy, it’s about playing time and usage.

It’s rumored we will have 5 or 6 transfers coming in.

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