Gundy Says Brett Yormark Knows 'So Much' about Pac-12 Schools

Originally published at: Gundy Says Brett Yormark Knows 'So Much' about Pac-12 Schools | Pistols Firing

‘He knows so much about the Pac-12 schools just because of what’s happened.’

Alot of rumors. It get down to Oregon and washington are not going any where. Big10 is playing the hope card.

In a year will have both and utah.

Man…Gundy putting Holder and Hargis on blast.

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Well they never were the best to him at least holder

I didn’t know what to think about his comment about Big 12 going West instead of Pac going East. I know in some ways many might say it’s the same thing but I felt like the PAC was kind of in control. I don’t think so.

True. I think they both wanted the same things, but could never agree on how to get there. Also, I think Holder assumed Gundy should be able to build the football program up to a height that he himself did in golf. But it is immeasurably more difficult to win at the highest level in football than in golf.

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That was my immediate impression. Gundy essentially saying that he did not care much for the way Hargis and Holder treated him and the football program.
Does he forget who were the people who made him a multi-millionaire?
He comes across as rather ungrateful, and someone who wants total control over football matters, especially money. This is the same guy who stopped talking with the greatest donor in all of college history. So glad that you are now happy to be doing your job Mike. I’m afraid of the new contract that he would expect if he ever wins a Big 12 championship game.

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Why do we continue to read that Colorado would likely be included in the teams joining the Big 12? What is it that Colorado has to offer other than a winning tradition in cross country teams?
Utah and Washington, that is enough.
I think the gem from the new Big 12 will turn out to be Houston. They bring high level basketball and football because of their 2 really good coaches. It’s not a given that OSU will rise to the top when OU and Texas depart.

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I’m guessing CU fans, coaches and players would love to come back to Big 12, but the academic people way high up the chain think they are too good for us.

It’s not a given, but it ■■■■ well better be the expectation. We need to put in the work necessary to get to the top. For the first time in program history, we are in such a great position. We should take full advantage.

The educators r rocky mountain high. Its was very left in tbe 80’s. They didnt like see a diverse football team with thugs. Even if they won. Its funny how the left chooses who is important and how

I think we have trouble rising to the top of any sport, not because of recruiting efforts, rather it is a matter that most top recruits show no interest in choosing OSU other than in their top 10 lists. And the NIL pay for play system makes recruiting even more difficult for OSU because of the demise of T. Boone. That’s why I see a ceiling for just how far OSU can improve in football and basketball. Just look at what has happened to our once great wrestling program. Most of the top guys now set their sights on PSU or Iowa instead of OSU.
So what Gundy has accomplished is really remarkable with less than stellar recruits.

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I wonder if there is some type of formula to determine just how well Gundy is developing guys with regards to recruiting rankings and stats in a player’s career?

There is. On this site they did it. Some values them compared to recruiting ranking. We do quite well.
I got a predictions post up you want to give yours. Less then a week

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Thanks. 15-0 National Champions. That’s my prediction.

That is completely goofy. I remember how you were after the missouri state game.

Just look how many starters we have in the NFL and that should tell you.

Not very many boys

Nfl never tells us anything. Miami has had the most over a 5 year span. We beat them. Ou had alot drafted even on defense we beat them. 4and 5 stars dnt tell you anything we beat Texas.

Come on

Yeah. Because of the offense. Second half of the year, we started clicking. I think the offense will look much better right out of the gate. And we bring one of the nation’s best d-line back. We have enough of the secondary returning to make up for new linebackers. Plus a healthier o-line, Spencer’s back w/ fewer mistakes. Best WR corp in the conference. We have the pieces in place to finish what we started last year. I think we get it done.

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