Gundy Says Cowboy Football 'Over 80%' Vaccinated

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That number is up even from last month.

  1. What happens when the vaccinated players start testing positive?
  2. If an unvaccinated player tests positive, then contact traces to 10 vaccinated players, the article seems to indicate that those 10 vaccinated players would be held out because of contact tracing rules. In that case, is the vaccine protecting anyone?

That’s the point despite study after study demonstrating the lack of efficacy of the covid vaccine in preventing the transmission of Covid they simply are not testing the vaccinated players. “What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” Here is an idea how about testing only players who are symptomatic.

If everyone were vaccinated, they would test only players who are symptomatic. It is only unvaccinated players who are choosing to be tested twice a week regardless of symptoms.

Why? The virus is carried and spread by both vaccinated and unvaccinated. So why would you not continue to test the vaccinated if you are concerned about stopping the spread of the virus. This is even more applicable to the upsurge in variants.

In summation - why would you treat them differently?

Because you’re less likely to get it if you’re vaccinated. If you do get it your viral load is lower and you clear the virus faster so you’re less likely to transmit it.

That is not factual. CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated. And the data coming out of Israel is even more disconcerting with over 80% of the population is vaccinated. Dr. Haviv the health minster in Israel is reporting that 85 to 90% of the hospitalized covid patients are fully vaccinated. Keep in mind that this age group refering to college kids the covid virus manifests as the symptomatology of the common cold. To require them to take a shot that is not FDA approved so they can play football is selfish and unethical.

I’m not sure the findings from PTown Bear Week can be used to draw conclusions about how the vaccine will work in less rigorous environments. The conclusion to take from that is the vaccine works amazingly well even under very difficult conditions. A much larger study from the UK supports my contention.

If we had Israel’s vaccination rate most of our hospitalizations would be among the vaccinated as well. The raw number would also be much lower.

Final approval will happen in the next month or two. However, they are not required to have the shot to play football.

My thoughts is which vaccine r the worst.

This is looking bad retrospectively like the knee jerk uninformed - typical fear response.