Gundy Says Cowboys' Ramping Up Protocols to Try to Get Fiesta Bowl Played

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‘We’re gonna play this game unless we can’t find 11 players.’

Big mistake taking the team to a basketball arena. I just came down with Covid Sunday night after attending a small family Xmas dinner which I did not want to attend. It’s not pleasant. So if I were the Pokes I would forget about sight seeing and just maintain health via isolation and distance.

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Get better soon.

How bad are your symptoms?

Cough, chills because of temperature lower than 98.6, no appetite, runny nose. It took me several hours before it dawned on me to take some aspirin. That made a big difference. The lesson from this is that when your wife wants to go to a family Xmas party during a pandemic, I needed to be stronger in insisting it was unsafe. The symptoms come on really soon after being exposed to the virus.

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Thank you Robert!

Dang COVID! Glad you doing ok.