Gundy Says Defensive Playcaller for Fiesta Bowl Will Be Decided Thursday

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Gundy is still weighing his options.

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I don’t think gundy took very kindly of Knowels leaving. Seems every chance he gets he down plays knowels and If I had to guess one of the reason knowels isn’t coaching the bowl game.

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Well it sounds like Gundy thought Knowles was definitely coming back and then he left. I don’t blame Gundy for being a little mad if that’s the case but it’s also hard to blame Knowles for taking that job.

I don’t understand the logic in naming a play caller on such short notice.

Maybe he dosent want on of them to hit the portal before the bowl game lol.

Well we can’t really know the reasons but it could be that how the defense is going to operate is already decided. Gundy could be holding the decision close until game day so ND won’t know what is up. Just a guess, could be wrong

Relax fellas. Its Coach Speak.

Gundy isn’t mad at Knowles. Wieberg pushed all of his chips in, it’s all we could do, and Ohio State went to bout $2m/yr. We couldn’t match.

Defensive scheme is set with what the players have been playing all season. Gundy likely knows exactly who will be DC both in Fiesta and for next season. They’re probably negotiating salary and replacement position coaches for a single announcement on continuity.
Clements is the natural promotion, has deep roots to OK/KS area which means we might have him until KState HC slot opens up again and his position group has done well both for us and at Kstate. It’s probably not a coincidence that Joe Bob has a shadow as well.

Key is to see if Joe Bob can call plays near Knowles level.