Gundy Says Hubbard Didn't Practice, Williams Expected to Play

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Williams being back should be a big boost for the Pokes.

What are the odds that we’ve seen the last of Hubbard this season?

Unless OU gets a game canceled due to all of their virus-riddled Cuddle sessions with the basketball team, I’d say there’s about a 99% chance we don’t see him again. If somehow OU pulls the ultimate OSU-move and blows a game allowing us to get to Arlington, then I bet he comes back. I don’t know why he would otherwise, not like he’s been improving his draft stock when he is playing.

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Hubbard should just grad transfer and go to place where he has an OL that can block for him before going to the NFL. So that way he can raise his draft stock again.


I think he’s probably hurt his draft stock this year. Could be wrong but I think he would’ve gotten drafted higher last year.

Chuba is a one hit wonder.