Gundy Says Sharing Conference with Texas Schools Benefits Oklahoma State

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A big reason as to why Houston might make sense in the Big 12.

It’s not going to be beneficial if we lose to the other schools.

PAC 12 and Big Ten have shown they are too snoooty-snodddy. Big Ten too uppity (too smart for their own good). PAC 12 to Woke trying to figure out which bathroom to use. We should stick with schools who have something to prove and that want to build a future. Not has-ben teams too far away regionally and culturally.

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I totally agree. Texas is the home of hard core high school and college football fans, wealthy/generous/arrogant alumni, bitter rivalries, and the nation’s best recruiting. The Big XII needs to cultivate regional rivalries and establish itself as the conference of Texas.

Yes, because Houston and BYU are the future…Ge me a break. The Big 12 is a bad conference that’s about to get worse.

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I think he is right ab this. Kids like to “leave home”, but like to be able to “return home” to play in front of their friends & family.

Ona completely different subject: Invit & the acceptance by BYU into the Big-12 will be inviting the same problems as endured with texascede - except w/BYU it will be texascede on steroids! Say you saw it here!