Gundy Says TV Is Going to Have a ‘Big, Big Say’ in Future of College Football

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Gundy says the goal is for the Big 12 to stay intact to 2024.

I agree with coach when he says no one knows the future of the Big 12. That is why all this recent stuff is so exciting. It’s like watching a CW network tv show. The series sucks but you still watch it just to find out what happens next.


I just hope the AD and President have Gundy on a tight leash until we are in another conference. Now is not the time for another OAN debacle.

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Did Texas A&M just bend over for Texas again?


Only one of the board members vote not to yesterday. so yes they were happy too.

After reading HCMG comments I concluded with a few thoughts. 1 “Captain obvious” 2. “nothing to see here, move along” 3. “No comment, have a nice day” 4. “What he is really saying is he has no clue”

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Naaa they are bending over for the SEC now

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I dnt see why it was so important for a&m’s board to vote yes. At best I would just not voted. Because voting yes make a&m out to be the Homer’s they are.

Gundy says the goal is for the Big 12 to stay intact to 2024. — Or the powers that be of the Big XII could step up and start thinking of ways to save the conference by start talking to certain unis but let’s not be proactive, let’s let TV dictate everything, that’s the ticket. Kind of like how the SEC did it. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Yah, Freedom of Speech is dead, thanks to that way of thinking, Chuba. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

There is no way to save the conference that’s beneficial to OSU.

TV is going to dictate everything. Either ESPN/Fox will tell the Big 10/Pac 12/ACC that OSU will make their TV deal more lucrative and we’ll land in one of those, or they won’t and we won’t.


That was no freedom of speech. It was the start of a witch hunt done by a kid.

Yeah, a misguided one, but you failed to see my point.

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And by TV he means streaming.

Also, the sport is dying.

After goon goomer ex coach stoops said his crap. I just say switzer responds. He was happy. Said it will help Arkansas get more recruits. And will hurts osu. Also said he didn’t know what osu will do.
He was honest about it. With no company line.