Gundy's Bedlam Win Percentage Better after Open Week

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There is a pattern developing.

Gundy is also 1-6 in Norman as a head coach, and really would be 0-7 if Bob Stoops doesn’t give Tyreek Hill another shot on the punt return.


What if they just won. No ou is loser

What is the pattern that has developed, with winning percentages involving Gundy’s Cowboys and Bedlam games? That’s what we’re actually up against here.

Hopefully gundy has learned not to get out of his box and not go out there and risk a win with trick plays and misdirection and fake punts. Hopefully he is conservative this year in his play calling and gives us a chance to win.

So stoops a bad coach he mad a bad call

I’m sure we will see 3 or 4 misdirected plays.

Gundy’s Bedlam Win Percentage Better after Open… bottle of Jack Daniels.

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Now 2-4!