Gunnar 'Earned Some Stripes,' But Quarterback Competition Continuing Heading into Arizona State

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‘I’m not sure how we’ll distribute those reps in the game.’

Mike will not make gunnar the starter.

Record temperatures in Tempe on Saturday. High of 112 - Stay hydrated.

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I agree. Also if coach prime can start his son why can’t Gundy?

Coach Prime had an impressive win and Gundy had a very unimpressive win.

Because Prime’s son is significantly better. He was a blue chip recruit with offers from blue bloods not an unrated walk on whose only offers were directional Michigan university #3 and Toledo.

Perhaps play calling, but unclear why Bowman “read” 25 passes and only 2 called run plays. Not what Gunnar and Rangel saw.

Dropped balls killed Bowman’s drives, but Rangel and Gunnar both had nice passes wiped out with penalties. Bowman looked like he was running an air raid offense.

Really liked Gunnar’s ability to run. Rangel’s draw play was also nice. Both are highly mobile QB’s.

Of the three, it looked like Rangel and Gunnar are both excellent ball control/risk mitigation QB’s. Bowman looked like he was playing late 4th quarter from 3 scores behind.

I can agree with the sanders bit. How much did effect that gunnar was Gundy’s kid. No offer and no rating. I mean the going was at a 6a oklahoma school that did every well along with his numbers. Also with gunnar not needing a scholarship. Seriously do you think he was that bad of a hs qb that didnt deserve a rating.
Its not just him look at some of the other stillwater guys and a few other guys. They dnt get offers. That pawhaska kid 87 no offers. Sanders and gabe no offers. There are other. Compare that to norman, waco and Austin. Im not sure if a kid from connelly has gone to baylor.

Yea bowman had a few issues the others didnt. Had 2 bad snaps. Gunnar had one. Caused broke plays. Bowman had i think 3 dropped passes.
Rangels long pass floated and short. In big 12 that was not a catch.
Gunnar did have the best run and pass. That pass was undefendable.
Alot of issue will get fix. Joe had issue last year with hikes, this has to get fixed. The drops plauqued us last couple of years got to stop. The cole flag i doubt we see that ever again, that was bs.

Bowman also did not hand off the ball but twice. Looks like we ran a bit different play calls with him. More RB into motion leaving an empty backfield.Oddly Bowman had more “miscommunications” with the WR’s throwing to nowhere.

Rangel had the +20 pass to Q recalled due to the refs CYA call on Birmingham which resulted in a 3rd&20 leading to a punt - against a fresh D.

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Yes bowman had a couple of miss plays. But gundy and him had broke plays from hikes. Over all i think they can clean some of that up.
I would like to see how this central team does. Alot of experience with qb and backs. These are really big games for these teams. We played 65 guys. Ran different looks. Just irony out the cob webs.
Im not concern on the 3 qbs. They each had 3 and out and both had 2 good drives. 300 yard and 60% is fine.
The defense needs to clean up some stuff, all can be done. Main thing is figure when to send oliver or Daniels in. Tackle will get there.

Sorry that is stupid reasoning. Geeez

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Can’t you see it. Prime is Coach of the Year. Prime Jr wins the Heisman. And all the Cowboy’s coaches suck. If Sucks could keep them straight, I’m sure he would create Sucks profiles for every Poke.

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Prime’s son isn’t significantly better? Prime’s son didn’t have offers from Bama, Georgia, LSU, FSU, Michigan, Oregon, and Tennessee? Seems like a pretty good reason he can start his son on a roster than had zero talent on it before he got there to me. Gunnar is not nearly as talented as Shedeur is.

Wake me when the offensive line is above mediocre. Dickey should’ve been fired in December.

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Yo Sucks. Two things to try and pack into the taught sausage skin of a noggin sitting on your shoulders.

Prime Jr’s dad was one of the top NFL athletes and raised in an NFL environment. So yes, he’s likely better than Gunner both athletically and in training.
And Deion’s network is likely similar to the Manning family’s network. For PR value alone he’s worth a Star or Star and a half in ticket sales and media attention. Just ask yourself if you really think Prime Jr would have ever started for Bama…

What again was your Sour Patch Point of the Day on all this?

He would’ve had his opportunity considering their QB is another young guy. Maybe if you would’ve read my message you would’ve been able get the point.

Comparing the two QB’s has nothing to do with the question so get out of here with all that nonsense.

I see what you did there lol

Sorry Sucks, I guess I missed your point buried in all your bitterness. I’m a simple fellow so try to be more succinct and I’ll try to peddle faster.

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