Happy 13th Anniversary to Mike Gundy's 'I'm a Man, I'm 40!' Rant

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Here are the five best moments from the viral moment.

Nice haircut.

The local media has been doing everything they can to make him look bad ever since, and then wonder why he won’t talk to them. :roll_eyes:

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One of the finest moments in (non-sports) sports history!!!

Hard to limit this to just five moments. Just look at what didn’t make the cut:

  1. Gundy’s on-the-spot invention of the word “bedowngrade”. Gotta admit, I was really hoping to see this on the list.
  2. “Where are we at in society today?”
  3. “Who’s the kid here?”
  4. “Get your FACTS STRAIGHT!”
  5. Being embarassed . . . . . tremendously.
  6. “THAT AIN’T TRUE!!!”
  7. Maybe one of our earliest recorded instances of the Gundy pronunciation of “ack-rut” (or “inack-rut” in this case).

This should endear Gundy to PFB :joy:

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I wish he was that fired up every time he lost to OU.

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