Hargis, Holder Issue Statements After Gundy and Chuba Episode

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-president-burns-hargis-issues-statement-condemning-insensitive-behavior-by-anyone-at-osu/

Burns weighs in.

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Congrats @kyleboone, you have created a shht storm on social media at the expense of others and at the expense of a great university. Now you can be the “insider” who reports on it. While it’s just a T- shirt that Gundy should have been aware enough not to wear, you sure went out of your way to bring as much attention as you could. Even retweeting every negative aspect you could as it moved on. Un biased information, I’m sure that’s your response. Nothing about this is unbiased, you used your platform to take a human down a notch. Very vindictive and cruel of you. It was premeditated and cruel. Shame on you. Sleep well.

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Readers are ready to lynch a journalist because he reported sporting news about some players that are angry at their coach? I think some readers of this blog are projecting their frustrations over the current state of our society onto Kyle Boone. So many things are now in flux and people want to be heard. I want to hear what Gundy said and I want to hear what the players said and what the administration has said. And Kyle Boone has provided that information and nothing more. It’s like wanting to chop off the head of the messenger for bringing bad news.

It’s also that KB won’t accept what Gundy said and move on. The players have and should we follow their lead or his ?

That is the best synopsis of what is happening in America that I’ve seen written. Kudos to you for writing it. Agreed we are in a very dangerous time right now and this election is the most important of my life.