Has the world gone crazy

Has the world gone crazy or it me
I’m not the best person to judge the craziness of people. I have never even bought anything after seeing an ad. Gave up on pro sports because players shot him self in a club.
But here r some things I have a hard time understanding
How can a 14 year old girl be a trend setter having millions of followers

Oprah gives advise to women.

Actors give advise to us about politics, environment and religion.

A college player signing a seven figure deal fir nil.

A college team can average 7 wins over 10 years and be the most valued school.

These r some of the craziness I see. How about u guys

We elected a reality star/hotel billionaire as president. Nothing surprises me anymore.

I don’t use Twitter, so I don’t need to care about followers. Particularly for someone young enough to be my daughter.

I don’t watch Oprah, cause I’m a dude. Her “advice” doesn’t apply.

Hollywood will never help to determine my political views.

The most elite of college players deserve every nickel for what these universities are making from them based on W-L record thus affecting ticket sales and merchandise and apparel.

When that school has the financial backing, it’s not so crazy.

Try not to let it get you down. Letting the crazy in this world affect you is a choice. I choose to just do my thing and not be too consumed with stuff that doesn’t personally affect my life or my loved ones.

I’m glad u dnt follow this stuff but other do.

I’m not down. The world is a bubble that I look at from a far.

One thing is u say these thing dnt effect, which a true. But, indirectly they do.
Ur son will be influenced by tweeter, if not now soon.
If u have any women in ur life Oprah could be there.

We like to say we r big then the problem but it’s ever where now.
If a player signs a nil deal for seven figures that will mean the college will be losing funds.

It still a mad world.

Not to be hyper-correct, but the influencer kids are on YouTube & Instagram. And mostly journalists, businesses, news & sports following GenXers & Millennials are on Twitter. FB is for older Xers & Boomers and pics of family vacations. We curate everything to be picture perfect. Oprah isn’t a thing, unless you count Meghan & Prince Harry. :joy::rofl::two_hearts:

Yes, the world is crazy. I can’t even attempt to keep up with all the new apps and celebrities & I worked in marketing. Influencers & shock jocks are now leading the entire world. Political candidates video their cross fit workouts & dental cleanings: the definition of crazy.

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