Heartland rates Gabriel worst Big XII QB

Never thought you’d see that. I think Sanders will shake out to #1, but this ranking is a heavy dose of recency bias.


I hope @KetchupSicle aka tomato slice dorsnt see this.

Gabriel has under preformed moving up to the big boys. But, he still 7th. You got smith and decker just unloading pics. Smith does have the worse line a good reciever group. Decker has a nice line. Does anybody not show film of Sanders on things not to do as a young qb.

Jt is not bad just not getting the defense to play to their hype. Late pics thats not his fault. Poor group around him.

I think it’s recency bias. Gabriel was horrid last weekend.

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HCS power rankings always have a good dose of recency bias. I feel like they’re pretty open about it, especially early in the season.

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At some point, OU’s “find a QB via transfer instead of recruiting one theory” was gonna backfire. If this was blackjack, they hit on Baker, Kyler, and Jalen….granted they developed Caleb and Rattler to a degree then both left…but it appears Gabriel might be the bust we have all been waiting for.

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Well, notably the difference is Riley.

Power Rankings are about recency

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Maybe so.

“find a QB via transfer instead of recruiting one theory”

That was never the plan at OU. Baker was a kid who basically just showed up in Norman. I’m a firm believer that Bob Stoops tenure was heading in the direction of Mack Browns if Baker didn’t show up. Lincoln Riley brought in Spencer Rattler & Caleb Williams. To say OU wasn’t recruiting QB’s out of HS is incorrect. As for Gabriel, he was the best fit for the scenario that took place. He’s not been terrible…….he’s been terrible compared to what the QB’ing at OU has been. He hadn’t committed a TO & was good at times. OU likely has the worst QB in the Big 12…….but it’s not Dillon Gabriel. Watch Beville on Sat in the Cotton Bowl

Losin qb is never good. Ou wad the 4th qb to go down. Just the other 3 had very experienced qb. I did ask how durable Gabriel was. Yes it was a freak play. I think that defense mite be a bigger issue then the qb. Thats just one player on a talented offense. The defense didnt have lb getting yo gaps on rush. Safeties where fooled to many time. Some plays i didnt know if brent had 11 players or was just defending half the field.

You guys lost a lb too. You think brent being more laid back not a rah rah guy, he could completely lose this team.

Ok, but of the ten starters (plus Hudson Card), it’s hard for me to make a convincing argument for anyone over Gabriel. Maybe the Tech kid or JT.

I did point out that they recruited and brought in and developed Rattler and Williams. But most of their QB success in the past few years has been via transfer whether planned or not. OU will try to lean on the ground game Saturday if they can. Does Beville get a long leash or short leash Saturday seeing as this is desperation time?

Brent was asked if beville will start. He said he didnt know he was just the first one out there. Lol i guess they do a lottery to pick their back up.
Ive talked about riley and development of qb

6 out of the last 8 years the starters has been a transfer. Even the back up is a tranfer this year.

What’s your prediction for the Red River Rivalry tomorrow? Just curious.

I know you’re asking the Sooner, but I’ll go Texas 35, OU 17.

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The fact that Vegas put a line out so early tells you that Gabriel was out. OU will go compete. OU will go play better defense than what they did at TCU, which won’t be hard to do when you give up 27 in the 1st qtr. But…….the offense will have a hard time doing much. I don’t see an avenue for OU to win……but this game has had some odd outcomes in the past. I’ll say Texas wins 24-13

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I think OU will have a package for the freshman Evers. But outside of that, it will be Beville. He’ll look less atrocious this week than last due to having a week of Gameplanning around what he can do rather than thrown into the fire mid game.

It’s a troll job of OU. That’s what that site is. Gabriel has the same amount of TD’s as Tech & ISU’s QB………while those guys have thrown 13 INT’s & Gabriel has none. Again……I’m not saying he’s been great or really good. But if a dude’s TD to TO ratio is 11:0……….and is the worst in your league?

Do they troll OU? I don’t know. I’d have to look over the defenses they play. Iowa is trash this year, but their defense is still really good, for instance. So, Dekkers has 4 INTs between Iowa and Baylor. Those are two defenses better than anything OU has played.

I get your point, and you’re probably right that his outing doesn’t deserve last place, but I want to see what he does against Baylor. I was listening to some of the talking heads breaking down his form, and it sounds like he’s not mechanically sound and it’s causing his throws to sail. I’m not any kind of expert on throwing motion and footwork, but that’s not what you want to hear from your veteran QB.

@KetchupSicle first off when heartland does their power rankings its just for that week. Does heartland troll ou and texas no. They dnt give them the same respect as national media.

On Gabriel throwing motion, it mite have something to do with him breaking his collarbone. You would have to check out his motion before. I think it takes power away so he is changed to get more power.
I dnt think he is a gamer.

On thing that no has said about tcu is their dc was at tulsa. I do believe he beat ucf, the new oc and qb at ou.