Heisman Finalists

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@DrCCowboy seriously you guys ban people who are Sooner fans? Or who do a little bit of trolling just for some fun? Why? Are y’all that easily offended? Or is this suppose to be a safe space or something? Soonerscoop.com doesn’t do dumb crap like that. We allow trolls and just pile on to them. Thought yall’d have a little more mental fortitude regarding trolls but I guess I shouldn’t expect much from Stillwater

@DrCCowboy soonerscoop.com doesn’t ban trolls… we just pile on them and give them crap. Thought you guys over here would have more mental fortitude to be able to allow a troll to have just a little bit of harmless fun! Do y’all seriously ban trolls? Why? Guess I should expect it

Jonathan Taylor will win the Doak Walker. Adjust your expectations accordingly. It will be a pity award for him unfortunately. Media loves him.

My expectations are set accordingly. Chuba leads the FBS in rushing yards, rushing yards per game, rushing touchdowns, rushing yards after contact, all-purpose yards, all-purpose yards per game and other categories I won’t name. If people vote on numbers vs the brand on the helmet, pretty sure Chuba is bringing home the Doak

I completely agree with you! I’m just saying that it isn’t strictly a numbers award and the media LOVE JT. Especially all of the Big Ten voters. I hope Chuba gets it, deservingly so.

I don’t think people will be so much voting the OSU brand vs. the Wisconsin Brand. I think people may end up voting Jonathan Taylor for the Doak Walker Lifetime Achievement Award. It wasn’t like he had a bad season either. Chuba deserves it in my opinion, but I’m sure some people will see Jonathan Taylor’s very good season and reward his career efforts.

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And you don’t see JK and JT splitting votes? That’s what I’m hoping for. Chuba will obviously (I hope) clean up the big 12 and I see other voters looking at the number.

The last two or three games really killed Chuba’s chances for awards. It’s all about recency. With no Wallace or Sanders, Chuba was focused on and limited getting only 104 and 106. He really needed big outputs in those games to show his importance to the offense. Meanwhile Taylor ended his year with 3 consecutive 200+ yard games as well as 150 in a championship game.


I still believe Justin Blackmon should’ve won it in 2011. Because, isn’t the idea that the player can single-handedly control the direction of a game? He did that by making defenses put multiple guys on him. AND STILL PRODUCED HUGE NUMBERS

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It’s hard to believe there was a time where RBs were picked over QBs for the award, like when Reggie Bush won over Vince Young.

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So did two other RBs on big boy teams, most likely. They were all pretty similar in stats, even if Chuba had the edge on them.

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Chase Young is tied for 8th all-time NCAA in single season sacks and 19th all time in the NCAA for career sacks despite the suspension. Dude’s a good player.

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Shouldn’t his stats not count due to being ineligible before serving suspension technically? Further more shouldn’t tOSU have to erase all the wins due to using ineligible player like ole miss had to do? I’m so confused on the ncaa punishment rules

Welp I was wrong to think voters would actually look at stats when voting. I apologize

It’s ok. We all lose our faith in college football at different times and places in our lives.

It’s kinda like Santa.


What about Santa?


Pretty dumb the nations leading rusher doesn’t win best RB lol

Joe Burrow deserves the heisman trophy. His speech made me like him even more. He’s everything that’s right about college athletics. Wish him nothing but success in the NFL

Chuba definitely deserved to finish higher than he did.