Heisman Finalists

Chuba won’t go to NYC for the Heisman trophy ceremony.



Just rename the heisman trophy to what it has really become…the regular season MVP from the teams that make the college football playoff.

I really am trying to figure out what it would take for a non QB player to win the heisman in this day and age. Obviously winning helps, but I guess if your team isn’t in the top 5 your not getting the attention from the media. Idk, I guess I’m just venting and was just hoping for an invite. Let’s focus on the doak.

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The pervasive attitude in college football in today’s world is that nothing outside of the top 4 matters anymore.

“Georgia didn’t try in the Sugar Bowl last season because it didn’t matter.”

“Nobody cares about a good matchup in the Camping World Bowl because it doesn’t matter.”

It’s a real shame. But all that matters today, apparently, is the same 8-10 brands that have always mattered. Maybe sometimes another school might get a shot… But overall it’ll just be the same old crap.


I think he wins the Doak Walker, but he was a prisoner of the year it is rare to have 3 QBs playing like this the Chase Young part baffles me though seeing how he missed ~20% of the year. The truth of it is the second he fell short of 2,000 yds he had no chance at a nomination.

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Young perplexes me. He was deemed ineligible mid season , all stats before his suspension shouldn’t count. Nor the wins. But that doesn’t matter

There’s an easy fix here that nobody is considering. Four finalists:

  1. Best QB (as determined by O’Brien)
  2. Best RB (Doak Walker)
  3. Best WR (Biletnikoff)
  4. Best defender (Nagurski)

You’re not eligible if you don’t win the prerequisite award.

Either that or:

One finalist per team


The only one I have a problem with is chase young. He’s only going because the media hyped him up. He was suspended 2 games and didn’t have any stats in the Michigan game. So you’re telling me he deserves to be in NYC with basically missing 3 games? Ridiculous

What I’m more worried about now is I don’t think Chuba will win the Doak Walker. I believe he will lose to either Jonathan Taylor or Dobbins. Both are fantastic and put up great numbers this year as well so I can see him ending up with nothing this year.

If he comes back, OSU needs to start the very public, very loud campaign as soon as he announces.

They won’t… Because it’s not the way of our information teams… But they should.


On this, we agree 100%.

Chuba had better stats than 7 out of the last 8 running backs that won the Heisman. But he’s not a finalist? Get outta here with that nonsense

I know Mason’s Heisman campaign effort was about as well done as Sinor’s homegrown campaign, but didn’t it start early? I honestly don’t remember. I think if Chuba comes back, they do start the campaign early and strong.

Yeah the Rudolph campaign was about as serious as I take the things I say on this forum… It kicked off a couple of weeks after Big 12 media days.

Frankly they need to start the Hubbard for Heisman campaign at the ceremony this year. Send Barry, and have him start shouting it immediately like Billy Sims.


Yep, lather, rinse, repeat. Already hearing Georgia fans bemoaning Sugar Bowl. I might understand it if they were a perennial power but they haven’t won a natty in years. Disillusioned fan base.

Yep next year Alabama will be back and it will be Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama, and Oklahoma again more than likely… maybe UGA goes undefeated in regular season and they leave OU out.

Maybe that Rattler kid sucks on the field like he does off of it and OU isn’t in the mix.

Then there’s no controversy and one loss UGA is for sure in over one loss Baylor or OSU or Oregon.

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA good… all the tweets circulating about if Chuba were a QB and it’s a QB award are so stupid… put chuba on a team that didn’t lose 4 games and guarantee y’all he makes it to NYC. Y’all should stop focusing on wanting QBs RBs and WRs in recruiting and focus on DL, OL, and LB. those are what win you games, not razed thin depth at skill positions with decent talent

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He’s better than the other 3 heisman contenders…

Thank you Captain Obvious. If OSU wants to compete for national titles, we have to focus on recruiting in the trenches (easier said than done).

However, that actually helps Chuba’s case b/c he would have ran for a lot more yards behind a dominant OL.