Helping Oklahoma teachers for Prime Day

Hey, y’all.

I put together a little Google Doc with links to Prime Day wish lists for teachers in Oklahoma.

It’s super difficult to be a teacher right now in the state between lack of funding, low salaries and other political hurdles they’re facing, so if you have extra resources, there are lots of teachers in need with very affordable items like pens and notebooks.

I tried to include grades/location/names/courses where information was available.

Don’t feel obligated to chip in, obviously – I totally get that money is tight for everyone, not just teachers – but if you have the means it could be a great way to help make someone’s day. Lightening the burden on teachers financially, even if it’s just small items, could go a long ways.


I really appreciate you doing this! I hope it helps many teachers in the state.


Hey, so how do you know if a teacher has gotten everything they need?

(Maybe not an appropriate question… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:)

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Seems like a reasonable question.

I think when items are purchased, they get taken off the list.


Good to know. :+1:t2:

Yes @TheHeadChimp — when an item is bought off of the list, it goes away, although frequently (like with tissues, pens, etc) they request 4 or 5


Thank you so much, Kyle! These are going to be used daily in my classroom. The attached note also made my day. Go Pokes!


Alright, so I owe @lizzy and @kyleboone an explanation… :grin: :face_with_peeking_eye:

Last year my aunt died. She was a retired school teacher that had worked in California and Liberal, Kansas among other places. Anyway, she left me an inheritance, and I devoted a portion of it to paying for most of these lists of items.

Please keep in mind I did not buy out all of them, there are a few with everything still on the list. But I’m pretty sure I did like 80%-ish of them. And also, it appears they may have added some new items between the time I bought stuff and now. I just knocked out one more (Sara Gregory, a teacher in Locust Grove Public Schools).

The only issue I ran into is that some items are sold by third party vendors, and therefore can’t be shipped to Wish List addresses (which these all are). So some lists may have a small number of items remaining.


No matter the reason, your generosity is appreciated! I can’t thank you enough. Your note was awesome as well.


One of my friend’s husbands was so taken aback by your generosity that he messaged me at the urging of his wife to investigate who Ian Webster was. So he texted me this week thinking his wife had some wannabe-sugar-daddy. This is a much better explanation than that, though.

Seriously: thanks, @theheadchimp. That is incredibly generous, and I’m thankful for everyone who helped with the wish lists this year. Will definitely do it every year moving forward.


I actually IMed chimp after my wife had all of her items purchased and asked the same question. Who is Ian Webster? I thought “Ian Webster… I’m almost positive chimp has said that’s his name before…” sure enough, he had knocked the whole set out. Already talked about it but again super awesome of ya @TheHeadChimp ! His beers will definitely be bought the next time we’re both in stilly.


Happy I could help! I’m actually kinda jealous of some of the stuff the kids get to interact with in some of these classes.

I’m sure this already exists, but I’ve been kinda going back and forth in my head about starting a non-profit that raises funds so teachers can get some stuff for the classroom that might be considered “unorthodox” or not the typical supplies, like pens/pencils, paper, markers, white boards, etc.


A cool story about this … That’s @dekota’s wife!


Bri Davis is my sister-in-law @TheHeadChimp she had told my wife about someone buying all her stuff and not knowing who it was

I never saw this thread until today, so cool of you


So, one thing I want to say, but don’t want to expand upon too much here…this was an eye opener. Oklahoma teachers get paid criminally low salaries. I already knew this in a basic sense, but didn’t actually do a deep dive. One of the teachers on the list works for Quinton Public Schools, a small rural school in east Oklahoma. If what I found about salary information is true, it’s insulting how much (I think) she is paid. Like, punch-whoever-is-responsible-in-the-face infuriating.


Just catching up on this thread, and I know you didn’t do it for the praise, but if we ever cross paths, in Stillwater or otherwise, @TheHeadChimp, drinks are on me all night. Teachers deserve so much more love and support than they get so I’ve got nothing but respect for anyone who digs into their own pocket to help out.


I’m just now seeing this @TheHeadChimp. This is absolutely incredible. My wife just realized how much was gone from her list. I can’t explain how much it means to her. She’s so over the moon. Thank you so much!!