Helping Oklahoma teachers on Prime Day

Hey, y’all.

I put together a little Google Doc with links to Prime Day wish lists for teachers in Oklahoma.

It’s super difficult to be a teacher right now in the state between lack of funding, low salaries and other political hurdles they’re facing, so if you have extra resources, there are lots of teachers in need with very affordable items like pens and notebooks.

I tried to include grades/location/names/courses where information was available.

Don’t feel obligated to chip in, obviously – I totally get that money is tight for everyone, not just teachers – but if you have the means it could be a great way to help make someone’s day. Lightening the burden on teachers financially, even if it’s just small items, could go a long ways.

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This is awesome KB. Could I add my wife to this?

Yes! Send me a link and her name/grade/course(s) she teaches and I’ll add her in @OSUgrad