Here are 1,000,008 Reasons for Chuba Hubbard to Return to Oklahoma State

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30 can earn some :moneybag: if he comes back. Probably.

I interpret the photo that Chuba posted as symbolic of saying, “Cowboy fans you can now get excited about next year’s Bedlam because Tylan and I will be playing.” I think he is also hinting that because of the dynamic trio that is returning, we actually have a chance to win Bedlam and that could mean playing for the Big 12 championship. Much easier to make sense out of than a Rorschach inkblot.

I have a hard time following the logic of “play one more year to improve your draft stock.” Using the Zach Allen vs Miles Sanders contracts, getting more money 1 year later is not the same as more total money. If Chuba got Allen’s contract this year ($1.1M signing/$1.1 annual) he earns $5.5M total by the end of the 2023 season. If he gets the Sanders contract next year ($1.9M signing/$1.35 annual) he would have $5.95M total at the end of the 2023 season.

So you’re really talking a $450,000 difference. After 2023 all bets are off because (assuming good health and production) he’s on his second contract (in the 2020 draft scenario) making who knows what. You can further complicate it all by looking at the worst case; injury, gets waived, etc where he doesn’t actually get all those dollars. Too many variables.

Bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush and $5.5M between now and 2023 is good eatin.

Edit: I hope like all mighty that he stays for my own selfish reasons. The math just doesn’t support the idea that money is a realistic reason to stay in school a year… Unless you go from like 3rd round to 1st.

How much does the OC situation weigh on his decision??? He originally said he would decide in two weeks but we still don’t have an OC…

Gundy won’t hire an OC before Chuba decides. The deadline for Chuba to declare for the draft is next week I belive (I think the 17th). Gundy will announce an OC about 5 minutes before kickoff in Sep.