Hoops Game Thread: Kansas State

Slightly more energy than @Dribble so the game thread has been created. Over/under on 65 posts made in the thread during the game?


Over in total number
Under in number actually about the game.




One of my favorite gifs.

Look we’re already at 4 and the game hasn’t started!

  • Do we foul someone shooting a 3 pointer?
  • Yes
  • No
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I obviously don’t know how to create polls. :joy:


Lose by 18

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We’ll start good to give us some hope. Hope of what, I have no idea, but hope nonetheless.

Then we’ll go on a 8+ minute scoring drought and lose by double digits.


Does Dailey start now that Thompson is out? Or Quion?


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I suspect Q gets the start due to defense and seniority but wish Dailey got the start as he has more talent to build on

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I suspect I won’t care much about this game but show up and waste my time.

But hey, Mike Boynton is a nice guy.

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@Dribble Do the present day season ticket basketball games have a “social ring” aspect to them like the season ticket football tickets where even if the game sucks, you still have a good time? GIA looks so thin on TV this year that maybe even the social aspect has been lost.

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About 15 minutes to tip and there is as much purples in the bleachers than orange.

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Quite embarrassing

Has filled in a bit with OSU fans, but if K-State goes on a run, it’s going to get awkwardly loud.

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Wife and I were at Costco this am

Contemplated going to the game on a whim

Said f that

Lmao shot clock violation first possession

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No. You just sit there pissed off with 30 year old students dressed as super heroes and a bunch of townies with nothing better to do.