Hoops Game Thread: Notre Dame in Brooklyn 🏀

Must win. Notre Dame is bad


Please don’t boot me. :grimacing::wink:


No BT (knee injury-- will be checked out when they return to Stillwater).
Marsh might not play (knee discomfort). He did go through warm-ups, however.

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Notre Dame isn’t good.

They will find a way to make me sad


I was a little surprised to hear that we had never played ND in basketball until today.

It’s gonna be a long basketball season, isn’t it? :grimacing: Or actually maybe a short one depending on how you count it. :woozy_face:

Listening on radio, don’t have ESPNU.

I was surprised to learn that Coach is from Brooklyn

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ND fans: “must win, Oklahoma state is really bad”


Already 1-3 from the free throw line.
Make that 2-4.

This team has a case of the Losers’ Limps huh? Seriously, I hope they get healthy quick. I heard Small’s knee was still sore as well, and he may be limited too.

Notre Dame 209 Kenpom. Surprised we are only 80. Looks like Kenpom uses prior year data until Jan 20th or so.

now that was a good inbound play

And here we go again.

The Irish only average 4 made 3 pointers a game-- they already have made 3.

Ok, I’ve seen enough of 4 today. Lol. Stop shooting.

For anyone that says they don’t have ESPNU, it looks like it’s on ESPN3 too. I don’t know what that means, but I was able to use my fubo login to stream it.

we have JMW, Hicklen, Dailey, Dow, and McBride on the floor right now


is quion our best player?

edit: might be Dailey