Hoops Game Thread: OSU vs. BYU

Here goes nothing … again


Ha. I created one at the same time. Not sure how to delete it.


We good now!

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Lot of good seats available today.

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:wave: Hello I’m here for the Pokeaholics meeting of folks still watching the OSU MBB circus

By “lot of good” do you mean “any”?

Let’s hand BYU a bad loss for their tournament resume. I hate to say that, but I did.

Hey, it’s 4-2. Let’s celebrate - it might be our only lead of the game!

Keller :eyes:

Wow. These guys are on fire.

What if Mike new whatever this week was would light a fire?

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Great start - 20 to 13. I guess MB’s dudes are trying to show everyone it ain’t their fault contrary to what their coach said to the media :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With our inevitable scoring droughts, we’re on a pace to score 60 today!


You know it has gotten really bad with the most optimistic OSU MBB supporter @david7 starts using sarcasm even when we are playing lights out :pensive:

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Wish garrison wouldn’t have shown he can make that 18 footer

Price went up

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Too bad there isn’t a built in finder’s fee you have to pay the school to get the guy.

Hey you know the saying - even a blind squirrel can find an acorn once in awhile. Maybe we accidentally turn this into a “flu game” OSU win? :clap:

Jamyron moving up the Marshall’s Favorite Players Power Rankings


How many spots below Ice and Dizzy? :wink:

Keller making me glad I bought stock!

This is a fun team to watch when they use their athleticism. BYU may be the only team we can out athlete!

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