Hoops Game Thread: OSU vs. Chicago State

No. 1 is the Cougar to watch, but like I said earlier, Chicago State sorta stinks

Oklahoma State Chicago State
Record 7-5 7-13
NET Ranking 134 293
Points Per Game 75.7 64
Opponent Points Per Game 67.1 70.2
Field-Goal Percentage 46% 40%
Opponent Field-Goal Percentage 42% 47%
3-Point Percentage 38% 29%
Free-Throw Percentage 65% 70%
Rebounds Per Game 37.8 31.5
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There are 12 people here

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20 games already? That’s nuts

Those schools are screwed so hard

:raising_hand_woman: Yup, I’m one of the tens of people watching this :rofl:

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I, again, love Quion Williams

I’m honestly surprised our NET rating is as high as it is

It’ll probably start to go up with quality losses lol


This is the most quiet I’ve ever seen a game thread. I watched every game the last couple years but I’ve completely checked out so far.

Did you notice how empty the stands are on TV? :grimacing:

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Bleak. Program is at rock bottom


Miranda available tonight? Seems like a game to get him 15 mins

Play better and people may show up.


Injured still

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:shushing_face: The Big 12 conference games (i.e. losses) haven’t even started for us :scream:

Don’t y’all get tired of having this mindset lol?


Sorry, Garrett, but I don’t think you got to be in GIA at the height of the Eddie years like some of us. I remember having to wait on a lottery to get a student ticket when I was a student at OSU. Getting to the tournament was a given. It’s just night and day compared to now. I get more ESPN+ streaming has decreased live audiences but this is pathetic, as is our record thus far this season.

EDIT: I will say this game is refreshing in that we are finally doing what we are expected to do against these kinds of teams…WIN BIG!

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Small doesn’t miss open looks

Avery would have tried to still complete the oop that quion just caught and kicked out to small for 3

i understand things could be better, thats clear, my point is that i dont understand how some of you can go through the season only talking about losing games and how every game is gonna be a loss lol