Hoops Game Thread: West Virginia at Oklahoma State

Now that I have the insults out of the way, if Cade can get through the press (which he should) we will win by 6.

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We are getting this quick turnaround at a good time, the matchup is better for us obviously without Tshiebwe.

Avery and Bryce have more confidence than ever, seems like a Cade game to me. He has not played his usual game the past two, think he makes a statement on Big Monday. Helps that we are at home, wish they would not have lost to OU this past weekend.

77-68 Pokes

Culver with 12 rebs

I texted my best friend on Saturday before the game and predicted OSU would lose to Tech by 12-15 due to our lack of offensive flow. Was definitely proven wrong.

That being said though, I believe in traditions so… WVU by 12-15

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This is such a huge game. We win this and we’re getting in the top 25 for sure (30th this morning). This team isn’t completely hopeless!

Pokes by 4.

Pokes 76
WVU 71

Living your best life man! That sounds like the best possible way to spend a Monday night

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Don’t forget about being full of Covid antibodies!


I have the best antibodies. They are magnificent. Very thankful for them


It says that I care about flavor. It says that I care about quality. It says… it says that I care about joe six pack who put that six pack together at the Miller plant.

Drink Miller.


I’m sold.


No MA Moncrieffe tonight. He didn’t play in OT on Saturday. Think he took a lump.


That hurts, only one true big. Makes keylan more important

Chris Harris also in street clothes.

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No seeing Montreal, either.

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Who do you see

Every scholarship player apart from those three.


Either we are gonna see a lot of Cade at the 5 or Kouma is gonna be getting significant minutes. Today sucks.

With Derek Culver still on WVU’s roster, OSU desperately needs Kalib Boone to stay out of foul trouble with no MA.


Avery Anderson
Isaac Likekele
Cade Cunningham
Bryce Williams
Kalib Boone