Hoops Game Thread: West Virginia at Oklahoma State

Score predicts and how many rebounds Derek Culver gets tonight, please.

76-72 Pokes

@cade will be in attendance, as everyone knows he is bad luck… so… yeah


No prediction here, but I’m a little more relieved after Saturday.

No comment… :joy:

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Just go with that for the whole game, buddy. :shushing_face:


You know what’s not bad luck? Me, full of cheese fries and several miller lites on a freakin’ Monday night! I win either way!


After they pulled out the win in Lubbock, I said the next 2 games I wouldn’t say anything LOL.



I’d like to thank my wife for making this all possible. Literally. Because I had to ask her first.


Cade is a Miller guy, what does this say about him? (I don’t drink a lot, but I know that some people will feel strongly one way or another about this.)


WVU by 1

Does WVU still run that crazy full court press? Assuming they do since Huggy has been there forever it seems.

I like our odds of beating that press with the ballhandlers we have.

To me, this will come down to a “playing our brand of basketball” type performance.

So long as we can get out in transition and they arent eating up the shot-clock and grabbing a bunch of offensive boards, I like our chances.

Also, shooting above 35% from 3 and above 75% from the charity stripe will certainly do wonders as seen this past sat.


I will hold you to that. :face_with_monocle:

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DEAL… this conversation doesn’t count on this thread BTW…

Feel like almost all our games will be coin flips. Feel our guys will be coming down from a high, WV 74-71.

Feelin’ a 3 game win streak coming. Top 25 matchup for Kansas next week after KSU Saturday


With no Tshiebwe I really like our chances. I think we can beat the press like @AccountingPoke said and avoid the big win letdown that @jesse mentioned.

OSU 74
WV 70

We go on to beat KSU and are back in the Top 25 next week.

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He’s a misguided cheap beer consumer but to each their own.


This team can’t shoot. Cade is a bum, Kalib will foul out in 3 minutes of game time. We are doomed, Culver and Bridges are going to drop 50 on us and we will be lucky to score more than 60.