Hoops Notebook: Boone on Bouncing Back, Quick Turnarounds and Senior Day

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Five seniors will have decisions to make after this season.

Wright would be an okay backup next year but we need to find a good point next year.

Incredible story – a must read – on the Boone twins in today’s Oklahoman. I had no idea.

I’ve been frustrated by Kalib Boone’s play many times – but the story adds a lot of background on what he and his brother have endured.

Kudos to Kalib and Keylan for lifting each other up and then doing their own thing!


I don’t have a sub to the Oklahoman nor access to the paper . Can you give us a brief summary without plagiarizing ?

Sorry…no easy way to summarize. Lengthy, detailed feature…lots of family strife, homelessness, uncertainty, little sister taken away (and hasn’t seen her since). Would’ve been easy to take another path…


Dang might have to see if o can get a free trial sub to the Oklahoman

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