Hoops Preview: TV Info, Projected Lineups and Series History for OSU and Kansas

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OSU hosts No. 6 KU on Tuesday night.

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Only way we win is because Self has issues in GIA. I see this as a sloppy game but enough to keep us in it until the final few minutes where a few stupid 3s are jacked up and FTs are missed causing another annoying loss.

Just hope some one spent this break shooting 3’s
If boynton has changed hi offense we won’t be in it.

They are going to murder us.

This team is so hard to watch. Turnovers missed free throws, can’t shot 3s, no offense. I mean all this talent and they look like a bottom Big 12 team that falls on the coach

Played out almost exactly how I expected. I regret switching from the KSU-LSU halftime show to watch this. Guess getting banned this year wasn’t as big of a punishment as I thought because this team is horrendous. I don’t understand how they regressed so much. We might win 2 games this month.

Logan what are your thoughts on the Texas game?

Offense is still pitiful. Thankfully Keylan had a record game to keep us ahead the whole time. First complete 40 minute game all season. Kinda blew the lead we had going into halftime but they got it done. I still think Ice is playing way too much considering his offense is not good. Defense is plenty good to win games offense and FTs need to improve significantly to compete in the Big 12.

Avery didn’t out play ice. Both were 3 for 15.

Avery didn’t play great today either but he is an offensive threat and can make his FTs.