Hoops Preview: TV Info, Projected Lineups for OSU-Oakland

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Can the Pokes make it 4-0?

They SHOULD beat Oakland. Oakland is 0-5 and has been blown out by every team they’ve played with the exception of Michigan where they lost by 10.

Then again we all seen Evansville win at Kentucky last season. So I suppose anything is possible. I think the Pokes still win this one comfortably though.

OSU 72 Oakland 57

Going out on a limb saying we should beat Oakland. :upside_down_face::crazy_face::thinking::cowboy_hat_face:

As an Oakland grad, they’ll be 100% fine being competitive for a little while and taking the moral boost saying they kept up with the best player in the country. Mike Boynton, fortunately, has about 718 years worth of film on Kempe’s style of coaching because that man might be the 3rd longest serving employee at the university.

If anyone is interested to know. Marquette beat #4 Wisconsin tonight.

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