Hoops Preview: TV Info, Team Stats and Projected Lineups for OSU vs. Southern Illinois

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The Salukis beat the Cowboys last season.


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When was the last time we had a NET ranking of 196?

Is it too early to use the term “must win”?

The season is already over in my mind. I’m in a dark place in general when it comes to OSU athletics. Perhaps the MBB team can prove me wrong and help get me out of this funk.

we’ll be talking about the bad 3P shooting, poor FT pct, and lack of offense in March again (like after every Boynton year except the Cade season), need change in leadership after this season, somebody that can coach as opposed to being a recruiting specialist…

Pretty sure we’re almost to the point the only must win games we have left are the Big 12 tournament games. I don’t see how we get in the dance without winning the autobid.

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Is there any number of non-conference losses that would lead to Boynton not finishing the season as the head coach? Would a double-digit loss make the administration start to think that? While I don’t think he’ll be back next year, I’m not advocating that he’s fired mid-season. I’m simply asking is there a performance level bad enough that would put a mid-season firing on the table?

We need to move on. Attendance is already horrible and getting worse.

Question for anyone. Has OSU ever fired a coach mid-season?

Wouldn’t mind it honestly

Along with all your points. How does his teams have such low basketball IQ. Every team we play seems to play smarter and not make the dumb mistakes we do. It’s like he never coaches or teaches basic basketball IQ. Fouling a 93% free throw shooter 40 feet from the hoop when they are in the bonus multiple times is on the coach not the players. And their star player gets 2 fouls in first 3 mins and we never run plays to attack him rest of half. Attack that player over and over until you force him to foul. Such a good guy, such a bad coach

lol. lmao even. refs tried to gift us that and still couldn’t win.

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MBB has gotten worse under this head coach. Terrible loss against SIU!!! Boynton needs to be fired!!