Hoops Preview: TV Info, Team Stats, Projected Lineups and Series History for Bedlam at the Big 12 Tournament

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The Cowboys head to KC with their NCAA Tournament hopes on the line.

You think they’ll start Cisse over Boone ? Cisse might need to take it easy on that ankle another day or until we need him . Maybe wait for Texas .

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Might depend if Boone has his head in the game
Grooves can’t handle Boone inside :cowboy_hat_face:

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Boynton has the chance to win as many bedlams in one season as Gundy has in 18 years. Lmao

It does get a bit old hearing the same old narrative about how tough B12 basketball is etc. However, Boynton is not the only Coach (or non-Coach) saying it. Pretty much universally accepted the B12 basketball is exhausting to be in it.
That said, Boynton has a ‘huge’ amount of equity with me for a variety of reason(s) that have already been expressed by many other(s). I just see alot of situational similarities to the Baylor/Scott Drew story. It took along time for Scott Drew to become a ‘good bench Coach’. Drew had to ‘grow into’ that role. But, from day 1 Drew was successfully recruiting ‘dudes’ to Baylor even with the reputational handicap hanging over their head. Eventually, Drew got it turnaround as his coaching acumen caught up with the talent he brought in. Boynton has had yearly challenges to deal with from his ‘Day 1’. Even, now he is handicapped with limitations on scholly issues for this year and next 2? With injuries and non-deep bench in B12 you have significant challenges other programs in league dont have. All-in-all, I’m all in with Boynton until he gets to play with a full-deck roster thru '25-26 season …assuming he continues to perform on the recruiting trail …

even Eddie did not have to compete in such a talent balanced conference as Boynton … TCU-TT-KSU-TA&M-NE-WV etc

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I think that Coach Mike ate 2 of the scholarship losses this year since that one guy ended up being ineligible. I believe he has the next 2 years to eat the last scholarship loss.


I want to believe like you do. But, drew had an elite 8 and a nit runner up in his first 7 years.
Eddie coached in the big 8 for the first 8 years. At the end of the big 8 Nebraska was playing some nice bb.
You had mizz. And then you had the same others players.

I dnt know if its tuffer but we had some great games back in the day.

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Eddie and the games with Norm were absolute bruisers !! Not a lot of like for the other team

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Yea the big 8 was physical. Those idiot antlers

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Hell yea boys!!!

In the turney

Jug you know a lobotomy would help you….maybe :cowboy_hat_face:

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