Hoops Preview: TV Info, Team Stats, Projected Lineups and Series History for OSU and Sam Houston

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Sam Houston is ranked seventh nationally in the NET rankings.

Refreshing to have boynton as a head coach even if he dosent win as much as he should. He tries at least . Either you have a guy like this that hasn’t yet won at a high level or you have the football coach not care to change and not win at a high level. Boynton>gundy.

man this is an ugly BB game

We’re good defensively but still have offensive struggles at times. Better than last year tho I think.

Lot more depth than we had in a long time.

Maybe SH is a better team than I think

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Good win. Man if Cisse is still getting better. Just need to keep getting better at free throws.

Well this was a very low scoring game and I didn’t see a lot of outstanding D on either side. I don’t know crap about BB but this looked like two teams who had a hard time finding the bucket and pretty much nothing else.

They’ve beat ou and Utah. This team still doesn’t play at the level they need to though. Defense is good but ■■■■ that offense sucks.

That’s 90% of all college teams

Yea I’m thinking they are going to be completely owned by the top 1-3 teams in the B12. Whoever that ends up being.

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Alot of the same. 16 turnovers. First 10 minutes of second half had what nine points.

Boynton needs to find a guy to run the offense. He is not capable of it.

Yea offense was pathetic.

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Should Boynton’s assistants be fired and boynton be retained or should boynton be fired without firing any assistants when it comes time?

I’d say revamp the whole system, Bring in the next Eddie. If they can’t manage that then I don’t care what happens