Hoops Preview: TV Info, Team Stats, Projected Lineups and Series History for OSU and Texas Tech

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Stats to get you ready for Wednesday’s matchup.

Cannot lose this game. Win this and beating ISU Saturday is just a bonus.


We are in.

So i dnt need to worry if we loss 9 in a row?

This crowd is pathetic.

What the fck is this broadcast?? No announcers and no score??


Thompson showed up

Crowd does suck.

I don’t understand what the students could be doing that’s more important on a Wednesday night. A non con game I get but we’re in league play and a bubble team. Show the hell up for it.

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Should not have taken Thompson out. Going to sit and get cold

Did Boon come to the game? Not doing anything.

Not sure why boynton’s tems have more trouble playing at home then on the road. Where are those home games when you just take it to them from start to finish? Guess they left when Sutton left.

Well that was a lot closer than it needed to be. Gotta make the ■■■■ free throws man.

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Also why was neither Cisse or Boone in the game when Tech laid it in to tie at the very end? Can’t leave a guy like Cisse out when you need a big defensive stop like that.

Stupid move. Not sure why boynton set them there

Free throws are terrible. Does bouton take in account FT% when he recruits kids? I think not. Just athleticism if I had to guess. I’m sorry that must be a must when recruiting your point guard.

Need that kid when the other team is close and they have to foul at end of games to put the ball in his hands because you know he is automatic at the free-throw line to ice games. Boynton has not had that.