Hoops Recruiting: Isaacs Visits, Cowboys Recruiting Cowboys

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The dead period is over, so OSU went Live.

Keep it up. Still need some bigs. Great to see coach enjoying okc

With some of these recruits being sought by the true blue bloods I continue to wonder what is there about OSU that makes them bother to even pay a visit here? Is Boynton that personable? Or have they heard about Eskimo Joes and come here for that experience? We have been a pretty mediocre basketball program for quite awhile, so what is the draw?

He is a young up in coming Afro-American coach. That would be I told by everyone a big deal. He did parlay that one class. So he has momentum. Get that ncaa over with but self has it to so.

Sounds right. I failed to factor in that some black players might prefer to play for successful black coach.