Hot Take of the Day: OSU's Teal Basketball Unis Better Than Orange

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Come for the :fire:.

That’s such a bad take I can’t even…
I mean, if you’re going to take this position, you need to find (or make) a teal fire emoji :fire: and try again. :cowboy_hat_face:


:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

All Orange Desmond Mason jerseys were the best we’ve ever had…terrible take!!

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Sorry, just no. Really.

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Maybe your a just wanna be Cowboy. TRUE Cowboys bleed ORANGE!

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Umm. No.

There are bad takes and then there is this. Bad take Hall of Fame (Shame).

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Is there any other fan base in the country that has a contingent of itself that works so hard to disown the school’s primary color as OSU? Can you imagine the primary writer for Crimson and Cream Machine (had to look that up to see if it actually existed) suggesting the school abandon Crimson in favor of those cool chartreuse uniforms like Baylor has? This is the most little brother thing ever. “We’re irrelevant within ourselves so we have to be gimmicky to make people know us”.

I don’t mind the turquoise uniforms. I can even appreciate the sentiment behind doing them. But to suggest we should prefer them over the primary school color uniform is asinine.

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I had no idea the teal was a hat tip to Native American culture, so that makes me dislike the teals less. BUT, ORANGE! Orange is my favorite color because of OSU. There’s no such thing as too much orange.

“The truth is people always look at what you wear,” Boynton said. “…When I’m out on the road for recruiting, kids notice what shoes I wear. (So I wear) something that maybe the gym hasn’t seen or definitely something else that no other coach is wearing.”

I think your take is genius and in line with what Boynton is saying about standing out. Creates a buzz. Of course everyone else wears school colors. We become a unique brand by being the orange and black school who wears those great looking turquoise uniforms.

Hey guys . . . It’s turquoise.

The color is a tribute to Native American culture so at least get it right. There’s not much difference in the colors themselves, and I imagine they use the same color of uniforms either way, but if you’re going to call it teal, you’ve missed the point entirely.

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How about the hundreds of schools that wear black (grey) uniforms without having black as a school color? And OU doesn’t wear crimson and cream, they’re much closer to a red and white. I’d say their alternates are more crimson and cream (and they’re trash).

I am all in! Lets wear them outside of November! I am not against orange like the op i just think we should mix it up more. Why not? Football, baseball, and softball have been putting out crazy combos for years. Why not mix the turquoise in more than just one month?

They look like a freshman manager washed the white unis with several pairs of new blue jeans.