Houston Accepts Invitation to Join Big 12

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The Big 12 solidifies its footprint in Texas.

Mike Gundy is 1-2 against Houston in his career.

Going back over a decade. Nice one Joey. Ur obsession is in full over drive.
Im not scared of gundy doing bad.
But u are horrified that all of this work u have done won’t pay off.
It’ll feel like u waste half ur life being obsession over gundy, if he retires when he wants to.
U will feel like the reject we know u as, if he never gets fired.

So it’s okay for you to live off Gundy’s glory of a conference title 10 years ago and brag about how many 10 win seasons he’s had since 2010. However, it’s not okay for me to point out he’s 1-2 against Houston overall? A team that is coming to this conference, and will make his recruiting more difficult in that area.

First Houston has not been a hot bed for osu.
Second at least in most people’s eyes, we’re are a better team.

That’s not what Mike Gundy believes.

Sure we have had some.
The problem for Houston is they haven’t had a power 5 connection. This should help us get more.

How many times do I got to tell u, I dnt care about sound bites

What do you mean? All the recruits from Houston will likely end up going to Houston instead of OSU.

Just like the metro plex and tcu. Got u joey