How are our transfers

Some one mentioed mills starting at tech. So cant remember who.
So lets look at some more.

Why did we lose 4 guys last year.
Hunter has locked down rg has 2 years left.

Wilson, cole,joe, caleb, taylor and wbber all have 3 years left.
Evertbody knows how important the line is. If anyone been reading on here quite a few feel we have bad line.
We have been told ksu and bayor even wv have good lines. They have done so well.
Tech along with texas have really bad lines. So miles is good enough to play for tech instead of sitting behind our guys. Same with hunter at Nebraska ( second team) and bennet starting at san Diego state. Then one did find a place for him and retired.

Im happy for them but not sure if they are better off. It hurt us because we had to gambel on others guys not sure the 2 we got are not quite good. The usc kid i guess has issues. Brooks may too.

But we know were getting good guys if our backups are starting else where.

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A kid in HS that’s recruited to a D-1 school sometimes get the big head and pissed they aren’t starting in college. Transfer out in the portal and you get another awakening. I think it’s a good group right that will improve all year, baring injuries. Some that transfer don’t want to put the work in. Yea Brooks has problems, he can’t think :grin: In two weeks we will know more

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