How bad is the Big 12?

Louisiana-Lafayette rolls past No. 23 Iowa State, 31-14
Arkansas State shocks Kansas State, 35-31

The worst teams in the B12 looked bad (lets be honest about ISU). The top teams looked good. OSU, here’s hoping, will look a lot more like Texas and OU than ISU, KSU, and KU.

The B12 is fine as long as there are 4-5 teams with 8+ wins. Top heaviness might actually be more beneficial in terms of getting teams into the playoff and NY6 games.

I always thought ISU was overrated, but that was an awful sorting regardless. No reason any of those teams should have lost and it definitely makes there conference look bad.

I don’t think we know just how bad they can be yet!

Things can ALWAYS get worse.


Or better. :grinning:


Will the conference as a whole, be better or worse than last year?