How Leon Johnson III Went from Division-III All-American to Power Five Playmaker

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‘These guys were the ones that found me. So I kinda chose here.’

Such a good story. Shame he doesn’t have another year left.


Anyone know his speed ? He does have the body to play but at the next level ?

I know his redshirt is gone, but I’m glad we burned it on the last Bedlam.

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He was one of those terrible portal transfers you didn’t like joy. I’m sure you do when you thought we lost all our talent

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Where did I say I didn’t like him? And yes, I would love to still have some of the guys we lost since we had to burn a redshirt on a guy because we don’t have any receivers.

When they started hitting the portal last year you said we lost all our talent …Gundy started getting replacements you said this is great, why would you get a D111 kid
JP I’ve said 20 times I didn’t want to lose him. Now out of all the ones we lost where was the drop off joy ? Maybe JP and Washington, all the others we have better replacements. See you don’t know who the hell we have on roster. We have receivers , most can’t stay healthy

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We did. I’m pretty sure Stefon Johnson, Braylin Presley, JPR, or Bryson Green would’ve all gotten significant time on the field. I mean…we’re having to burn a dude’s redshirt because you gotta guy like Cale Cabiness that’s next up. You don’t see a problem with that? I’m not saying anything bad about the kid, he is what he is, but Idoubt we want to place ourselves in a position where we’re having to rely on a walk-on that never gets to play to help march us down the field.

Sometimes we’re right and sometimes we’re wrong. A majority of the time a D3 kid isn’t going to make a big impact at a D1 program. So now you’re going to base your analysis on a D3 kid that’s had two good games? Last time I checked a season has twelve games.

We don’t know because we’re a running team right now. If we didn’t have a drop off then where were some of these guys in the South Bama game when Ollie wasn’t getting the ball?

So basically you’re proving my point for me. We don’t have any depth. I appreciate it.

Let’s use Stephon Johnson [Houston] as an example. He left because he probably expected more snaps and to jump up to the top of the depth chart for 2023, based off his production at the end of the season last year.

2023 rec 17 200 yds 2 td [9 games]
2022 rec 17 293 yds 2 td [7 games]

With how the depth chart currently sits in the receiver room for oSu, there’s a high possibility Johnson’s production is easily more than what it currently is in Houston.

He left for a 2-4 conference record and missed out on the last Bedlam and 17 catches?

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Dam you’re still using SA as a crutch to legit your arguments. We are a totally different ball club now you moron. You said we lost so much , JP and Washington were a loss , , Johnson no , Harper no, Green we replaced him , Lil P wanted momma
You throw out total crap, nothing to what you say. Please learn football, not press clippings
Bowman is doing what I thought he could do , short intermediate passes , using THE MIDDLE that you say we be never use. Go learn football joy…… no one listens to your chit