How much is a bb scholarship worth to the ncaa

I have not paid much attention to the ncaa bs, so I my not have the full deal.
How I understand it Carroll got 300 dollars from chithead. It was found out and repaid. Then the ncaa and fbi did there probe.
So 1 scholarship is worth 100 dollar. Or 300 dollars is worth 3 quarters of a players career.

It’s hard to really justify this infraction, with the nil today. Thus would not be an infraction today with the loose structure of nil.

I would say we need to get the lawyers, it will not get us into the dance unless we get a judge to do an injunction. The fastest way is osu call the administration of the other 300 plus schools and sign some sort of petition. Get 2/3.

It really show how ineffective the ncaa is. The main points are.
It was overly harsh
And in lite of nil today not a rule violation.

Well the ncaa did only charge Baylor like $90 a r@pe so in their eyes the scholarships aren’t worth much I’m guessing.

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