How Oklahoma State Can Overcome a Slow Start to its 2021 Recruiting Class

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OSU’s started slow in 2021. These five players could turn that tide.

What about Jaeden Roberts? OSU seems to be in good position with him.

A running back that runs a 4.64 … and we are interested . Strange

The article suggests that Oklahoma State is dreadfully behind the rest of the league for commitments for 2021…The majority of Schools in the league have two or three commitments with a few outliers like Texas with 6…The Cowboys will be just fine.

We will sign a bunch of low 3 star guys and hope we can develop them as usual. Our recruiting has been steadily declining as far as rankings go. At least we were able to nab illingworth. We always get a handful of guys who are worth getting excited about then usually some of our mid star guys break out. We are in an era where getting a 4 star player that isn’t a QB is going to be a miracle. We got deondrick glass sure but that is because his other options dried up such as bama signing trey sanders. Glad Glass is one of us but i am just saying it is what it is. We will never be good at recruiting in the Gundy era. Gundy can coach but can’t recruit highly ranked guys, the staff does well developing our 3 star guys but you need 4-5 star guys to win championships.

OSU is competing with LSU and Bama for him. I like that we are actually trying to beat blue bloods for recruits but there is a 90% chance that we lose the battle.

How strong are the classes of high school talent in Oklahoma the next year or two?