How OSU Wrestling Rebounded from Its Own Postseason Ban

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OSU wrestling bounced back from its postseason ban in a big way.

Great article, I remember that season and saw the NCAA tournament that year on TV. Too bad Mark Smith did not win a NCAA title. The Peery family of wrestlers in my opinion has been the best story so far.

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Yeah, there is an ocean of difference in the quality of the wrestling program vs basketball. I have lived in Pennsylvania for the last decade - people here at Pitt & Penn State actually know of Oklahoma State - but only because of the wrestling program. Not football, not basketball.

Didn’t the wrestling team also get punished at one point for a coach giving a kid bus fare to go home for a funeral? I vaguely recall that happening in the 90s as well. That was about the point that I decided the NCAA was a joke when it came to rules and enforcement.