How OSU's Defense is Keeping the Cowboys in the Big 12 Title Race

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A deeper look into points per drive.

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This defense needs to be better to win the big twelve, maybe a lot better.

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Stop those big plays, would be a start.


Speaking of starts, if the defense would start the games better would help.

We do have a really good defense. Not top five but really good. We just need our offense to move up considerably. Like into the top 20 level. Just a couple of TD’s more on average per game would do it. Stop settling for 3’s and get the TD’s when we get to the Redzone. It would be nice to see some of those scores come from outside the Redzone.

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That what I was getting at LOL. Defense is good enough like it is, but offense is so bad that this really good defense needs to be Georgia defense to win the big twelve.

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I hope your joking.

How serious I am is dependent on who I talk to, and how serious I take them

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Good, I thought you might have had an epileptic seizure.

Good because I like our defense or i don’t take u seriously

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I believe if we win this game we will be in the big twelve championship. Big game! BIG GAME!

Big Texas and Baylor fan here.

U really going out on a limb there. Since most will have 2 lose and we only have ou left

Still have West Virginia and tech so not a gimmi

Baylor still in it. We have head to head but if we loose this game and 1more and Baylor wins out then no Bueno.

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So Baylor is beating Texas and ou.
West Virginia should not score on ur defense
Tech is a mess

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They are pretty good so anything could happen.

Where is ketchup at? Need to ask him a question.

He has been on lesson from the goon article

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