How the New 247 Recruiting Rankings for 2021 Affect Oklahoma State's Class

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Ty Williams gets the biggest bump.

@kyleporterCBS @kyleboone did OSU’s overall ranking go up due to Ty Williams’ jump? Or did that overall class ranking remain the same?

Stayed the same. When Williams wasn’t ranked he wasn’t calculated in the overall class rankings (which falls in line with 247’s methodology.) So him being slotted as a middle-tier three-star basically was no change.

I thought Raymond Gay was who went from no ranking to 3 stars. I thought Ty Williams was moved from outside the Top 500 to like 250 and from a 3* guy to now a 4* guy. I assume that jump also had no affect though.


It didn’t because the team ranking uses composite (which didn’t change much). The 247 ranking is the one that moved a ton.

Yeah, I meant Gay and not Williams.

Slow start, but I’m starting to feel better about this class. Will probably end up middle of the pack in the Big 12 per usual.