How the Old and New Big 12 Recruiting Rankings Look after the Early Signing Period

Lord I’d hate for another Rodriguez to be in this class

According to Robert, the only reason he was any good was because of COVID and being older than everyone else.

Nice try Joey I said with out covid he would not be an all american. This is a true fact. No matter how u ur lieing ess puts it.

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So basically what you’re telling me is we need to recruit better players? Good!! I agree we need to do that as well.

Or a CJ Moore, LC Greenwood and Grayson Boomer.

All those 4 star busts

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I know , wish we could get someone who could evaluate talent.

U once again make it out as an osu problem.
Look at ou and Texas defense, the whole units are bust.
Chalked full of 4 stars but suck.

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That doesn’t fit his narrative, I guess Ohio state and Oklahoma can’t evaluate either since they offered both cj and Grayson


I haven’t noticed 2/3 of the 4☆ transferring out of OU and Ohio State.

That’s because you don’t pay attention :wink:

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I mean the qb who only had the greatest season for a qb in college history transferred from Ohio state

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Heck just with qbs leave these 2 teams is more 4 stars we have lost in 10 years or every. They have lost 5 between the 2. Since last season.

This is the thing jug. U always open ur month.
U and Joey thinks that bad recruits, calls, a bad year only happens to gundy.

He is an example of one player for another team.
Ksu and Skylar. With him out over 10 games lost some they would have won. Well they could or should have a better backup.
Look at Sanders out 7 games we lost 2.
That is just 1 deal.
I have run down stupid calls by opposing coaches.
Go look at the tranfer portal it’s littered with 4 stars.

Beside a handful of years gundy has had us in the talk for a title game every year. Only a bb of ou has none more. And don’t give me that Baylor crap. They made a name off of 25 criminals. They should be band. A whole cell block should be just Baylor and lsu players and coaches.
Jug ur self would have fired any coach that had 1 or 2 wins.
There has been no team up there every year except ou and osu.

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Last 10 years Baylor 3 OSU 0

Excellent u can’t read. I covered the whole Baylor thing. The other years Baylor wasn’t even close.
Even in 2018 if the defense could have held opponents to 20 points less were would have been in the title game and won the league. Baylor has not been in the race. Whe u repeatedly win 2 or less games a year.

And never of their briles chit should have happen with a chain gang.

So like usually ur one sentence are as bent as u r.

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Let’s look at all the 4☆(according to 24 7) since 2015
Darrion Daniels transferred
John Kolar transferred
No 4☆
Tylan Wallace
LC Greenwood transferred
CJ Moore transferred
Spencer Sanders
Grayson Boomer transferred
Deondrick Glass transferred
Langston Anderson 1 reception
Shane Illingworth we’ll see
Now let’s look at the top recruits from the other schools. You pick.
@robert28 still waiting.

That six guys u list. I know ou lost 3 qbs in a one year period. So u think they haven’t lost more. In just one year.
I all ready told u this but u still have to push it.
Then u wonder how teams with no stars can beat ou.

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That definitely has not been a problem with Gundy.

I know their top ten recruits over the same time period have made a whole lot bigger impact than Gundy’s top ten.

Well u would think they would if ou only had as good a coach with their roster.

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