Hubbard Says 'Things Are Being Changed as We Speak' Day after Gundy Call Out

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“I’m a young black man who wants change.”

Go Chuba Hubbard! Go Pokes! Thank you!

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Good for Chuba, I’m tired of seeing these blowhards on the internet call him out for whatever reason they have.

No one from either side is going to ever be satisfied with what Chuba or Gundy says. It’s always gonna be, “Chuba is weak for apologizing when he didn’t need to!” “Gundy is a racist and was the fakest person ever in that video!” “Where are we at in society that you have to apologize for a t-shirt!” “Chuba is a snowflake for letting a shirt offend him!” “I bet Gundy keeps his Confederate Flag nearby!”

It seems like the team and the OSU staff have listened to each other and are trying to understand each other more. Let them try to work it out. The players are the ones who we should worry about whether or not are satisfied with what they’re seeing, not “Mr. insert presidential candidate = the devil incarnate” on Twitter. These keyboard warriors just want everybody to be angry with them. Chuba is a smart young man who is capable of speaking for himself.

You’d think if the student athletes are giving indications that they feel like their voices are being heard that would be good enough…but of course it’s not, all these internet warriors want is their pound of flesh. It seems no one believes that humans are actually capable of changing/adapting the way they live upon learning new perspectives


Great job for speaking out Chuba! Work together as a team and hold each other accountable. Keep pushing. I want to see OSU football stronger on and off the field because of the conversations that need to happen.

Additionally, it is dangerous for our society to keep making claims of race regarding ANYTHING they disagree with. For example, currently any white person is a racist if they wear an OAN t-shirt, are a republican or have a conservative view, are pro life, believe in the 2nd Amendment, or disagree with the rioting and burning of public property that is owned by white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. By making claims of race in every situation, it will continue to incite others, close meaningful discussions and debates, and further divide our country.

By the way, for those of you who equate OAN t-shirts with racism… how does that not make you a racist? People can make an accidental racist comment and not actually be consciously racist, hence the accidental. However, those people who equated OAN t-shirts with racist white people ARE subconsciously making a racist connection whether they meant it or not.

Unfortunately, that means racism is alive in our stereotypes and culture. Perhaps, collectively we should all take a look at our own faults and sins, before judging anothers.

Matthew 7:3-5 And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

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How many times are you going to post this?


As a society and also at OSU we still have a long way to go when it comes to equality. But I admire OSU for how far they have come since I was a student there 1966-1970. I told this story before but it is more relevant the day after Chuba’s messages.
I think it was about 1969 when my parents came down to pick up my brother and I at the end of the semester and my father wanted to see what these new condos in Stillwater looked like so he opened a door thinking it was the model home. So he walks in and a family is living in it. So out comes this woman who introduces herself as head coach Floyd Gass’s wife! So we get to chatting when a chat meant in person and not online, and we mention some of the great high school football talent we have back in our home town of Chicagoland. She is interested in letting her husband know about this as a potential place to recruit until we happen to mention how great those black athletes are. She then says, “We don’t want any trouble down here.” So I guess for the time being they preferred to stick to the OSU quota system for the number of black players they could have on a team. That’s why I say that OSU has come a real long way.
I don’t have any idea about what the needed changes are that Chuba is referring to but I am sure they are needed and something will be implemented since Chuba now has the ear of the rest of the world listening. I got an email from a friend in Canada this morning referencing yesterday’s article about Gundy. Mike Gundy’s world just like everything else is being changed. Look around. Physics calls this a phase transition.

So true.

we got your message the first time paul hannity…

you got some weak arguments and those ideas have been implemented and black men are still dying.
we need to stop with the excuses and support our black community.

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Anyone else see Kyle Boone get called out by trace fords mom on Twitter :rofl:




I saw Tre Sterling call him out.

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I hope this is a little bit of learning experience about journalism. I don’t want to see Boone lose his job or anything…but the whole appearing to care more about bringing Gundy down than lift other people up isn’t gonna make you too well liked among the coaches/staff/fans/players you’re supposed to be covering


CHUBA, YOU ARE THE MAN and the adult in this situation. Good for you. You will have a great life. You exibit a lot of integrity. Hope this is a good year for you and the rest of the football players. Just know there are a lot of trumpers who like to be in the closet about there racism and they post behind a fake name. They are the real snowflakes. You must know that more white people are with you than against you. We have seen enough of modern day lynchings and are disgusted and tired. Just look at the poles and know America has had enough of these right wing scumbags.

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The incidents of unarmed (and armed) citizens being killed by police officers has plummeted since about 2020 so things are getting better in that regard.

Great post Paul16! And the truth shall set you free!

What “Changes” Exactly/ Specifically is Chuba Hubbard wanting? I want to see.

I have no respect for the far right wing’s political viewpoints and I am not sure what Mike Gundy’s politics really are, though I am beginning to suspect them now. However, if he is willing to listen and to change his culture, then that speaks well for him. Even if the motivation is to keep someone like Chuba happy, the end result is still a positive good for everyone, assuming the changes are real and permanent.