Hump Day Q&A – 10-20-21

This⬆️ for eternity.

If I had to guess right now, OSU would be the leader for him, but it’s still too soon to tell with 2023s. I do know that Lake Travis is a factory for QBs.


No, and he ain’t coming so it don’t matter.


I liked the one on the west side of town before it shut down. Me and the old lady go to El Tap at least once a week.


I have not. Last time I spoke with Mike I asked and he gave his answer about it being unfathomable. I’ll try to remember to ask again next time I see him.

Again, I think the post season ban and scholly sanctions should be thrown out, but the NCAA loves to hammer OSU.

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I’m glad this is a hypothetical, so gimme another grilled chicken sammy.

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Haven’t really ever had a process because we haven’t needed it to this point. I imagine if we did, I’d shoot out a tweet or something asking and go from there.

Option No. 2. Don’t want to deal with Twitter after two blown calls nor the KU embarrassment. OSU has lost to OU almost my entire life, so what’s two more if it means a Sugar Bowl?


Usually go on when either Carson or Colby are gone a day. Maybe I’ll be on again soon. I think they’re doing a great job.

In your opinion, who at WR is the biggest surprise and who the is biggest disappointment so far this season?

and do you anticipate anyone else to have a surprise breakout game?

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What’s the most surprising thing about this football season?

I think there is an outside shot Bray gets back, but it could be another week.
Not sure LD will be back at all this year, but haven’t been able to confirm that elsewhere.
I know the Vegas thing said Sills had an injury, I wouldn’t expect him to miss time (or at least I haven’t heard anything on it).
Logan Carter got seven snaps in Austin. I’d expect him to get a few more this week.


I feel like I’ve struck the balance fairly well. I think of it’s kind of a seeing how the sausage is made type deal. It’s more “This went as they intended.” Or “They didn’t expect this to go this way.” More than emotional swings one way or the other.

But was a fan well before I got to OSU. Painted my room orange. Had posters hung all over.

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Surprise, I’d say either Jaden Bray or Rashod Owens. Owens has been flung in there and held up admirably to this point, though he has been involved on a pair of INTs the past two games. Bray was supposed to be No. 4 among freshmen wide receivers much less the whole team. Just wish he could’ve stayed more healthy.

For disappointment, I’d say Langston Anderson for health reasons. Really thought this could be his breakout year.

If we’re still talking receivers, I think Blaine Green could have a big game. He garnered a lot of praise throughout spring and fall camp before the injury going into the year derailed him a bit.

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Probably just how good Jaylen Warren has been. He had a lot of hype this spring and fall, but I’m not sure anyone anticipated him being as good as he is.


too many of you care WAYYYY too much about OU

like rent free enough

Who off this team is NFL bound after this year?

In no particular order, I’d say:
Tay Martin
Jaylen Warren
Kolby Harvell-Peel
Josh Sills
Israel Antwine
Tyler Lacy
Malcolm Rodriguez

Could all make a strong case to at least make a practice squad

Jarrick Bernard-Converse and Christian Holmes could be fit-based.

With the COVID year, though, who knows? Maybe a good chunk of that group comes back and tries to improve stock.


Does that mean you think Tre Sterling comes back? Pretty please

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Best place to watch an away game in Stillwater?

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