I can't reach this forum as I typically have

Up until today I was able to reach this forum from the front page thru a drop down window. Now I can’t. I have to go thru a list of options at the side of the page, choose PFB+, then choose forum.
If I select PFB+ from the top of the main page it takes me to the signup page. What’s changed or what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

I had the same problem over the weekend. I talked to @kyleporterCBS via email (thanks for the help btw!) and he said it was a compatibility issue between the site and iOS12. Once I updated my phone to iOS13, everything was working fine, no issue.

I already have OS13 installed on my phone. And have now for awhile. But thanks anyway.

@kyleporterCBS Can u give me a little help?

The snark :joy:

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FYI, I moved this thread to the ‘site questions’ section.

Well, I didn’t mean for it to be snarky. Hard to read intent in 2D.

As @taylor1 noted above, you just have to click the little chamber logo now.

Are u talking about the mobile site or the computer site. I don’t see a “Chamber” logo on the mobile site. The main site on my computer when I click on PFB+ at the top of the site is the sign up page. I have to go to the far left upper corner where there are 3 little lines, click on that and choose PFB+ then select PFB Forum???

This is what it looks like for me.

That’s what both of mine look like. Where is “The Chamber” I’m supposed to click on?

Click on the logo on the upper right side

Thanks Stilly. Why not just label it “The Chamber”? Are we on some kind of double secret probation?

Well its like… the chamber of a gun… being denoted by the cylinder which contains 6 chambers.


wait. that’s what it means?



We might change it to some sort of dialogue icon. But we wouldn’t be able to fit “The Chamber” on the navbar. Sorry for the confusion. Trying to make it easier to get to from the home page.

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No worries. More my issue than yours. I use to have to have pictures to read a book. Now I can’t even read pictures or drawings.

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