Ian Boyd on OSU's 2020 Season

Been meaning to get to this article for literally like 50 days and finally read it. It’s as good as I thought it would be. Always fun to read a fanalyst’s perspective when that fanalyst is not an OSU person.



“Ultimately the 2017 Oklahoma State Cowboys went down as one of several Mike Gundy teams this decade that fielded exceptional offenses but couldn’t find a winning margin in every big shootout and received little aid from their defense.”
The most telling sentence in the whole story! I don’t see Sanders being better than Rudolph was in '17. I don’t see Wallace being better than Washington. Even if Chuba is better than Hill, Hill was by far the best in the conference . Unless Chuba scores everytime he touches the ball then what is better than the best.
I think the problem is Gundy gets out coached. He can’t make adjustments so when they find something that he can’t stop, they can’t lose!

You mean like how Gundy thought running Chuba up the gut 40 times against Texas with no adjustments the entire game was a good idea?

Even the most basic fan can tell you that if it doesn’t work then stop trying it. I don’t think running the football down by 13 with less than 7 minutes to go in the game is a wise choice.

So what if your QB has thrown a pick or two? The run game isn’t working so you might as well try something else.

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Agree. Offense won’t be as good. However, the defense should be much better than 2017 and I think the league will be a bit down.

Gundy is pat jones with a mullet boys

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I’ve been re-reading my way through the 1988 season for some Barry #content, and I think this might be the very best take. Even the quotes from Jones appear to be right out of Gundy’s playbook.