In State recruits spearheading rebuilding effort

Trace, Malcolm, Brendan, Wolf, Stoner, Bundage, DeMarco, C.J, Brock, Schneider, Farrell, Boomer, Mckaufman, Antwine, all will be returning and expected to play large roles in next years squad. Also, the current class stands at 18 total with exactly 1/3rd of that being in state commits. As well as still having several in state recruits being targeted. Russ, Middleton, Presley, Roberson, Reagan, and Thompson all have the potential to contribute as well as Owasso RB Jacobs who is visiting this weekend. The point of this is to illustrate how recent success recruiting in state has not only sped up this rebuild and put us in a good position to contend for the conference title next season. This has also illustrated how important these guys have been to the defensive turnaround this year. I know personally I have wanted to see our in state kids get kept in state at a higher clip. Knowles and company have done much better as of late. Of course this isn’t Texas or California so you can’t recruit even close to exclusively in state. I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts on how important this is and who is an in state guy that is committed, being recruited, or on the roster and could make a big impact next season in addition to the ones listed above. Thanks in advance for your feedback and I look forward to your responses.


Good point, it’s not even just in state- which I agree is great to get these kids but we’ve been doing better in KS, MO, AR lately as well . Looks like we’ve been able to capitalize on the bowl win over mizzou and Arkansas being down .


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Don’t really care about Sooner commits

Are you aware that there’s a lot of smoke around a decommit, hence the :wink:

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That’s what has been said since he switched last time.

Where is this smoke?


There is absolutely none man.

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